Meat Shop

Welcome to Bali’s first dry-aged meat shop. You can now enjoy our beautifully dry-aged steaks in the comfort of your villa. Perfect for those summer BBQ’s with friends.


All steaks come with ‘Boy’s signature seasoning’ and burgers with ‘Boy’s signature sauce’

Bali’s first Meat Boutique hit the Seminyak food scene in September 2017. Since then we have been supplying our patrons in-house with the best dry-aged steak cuts around. From deliciously flavoursome rib eye to melt-in-your-mouth wagyu beef, Bali’s number one steakhouse has launched its meat shop and butchery services so you can enjoy prime steak quality at home. We are also introducing our homemade signature dry-aged beef sausage. So, whether it’s a small family dinner, special occasion, large gathering or a BBQ with friends, we’ve got you covered. We are also open to larger catering events such as weddings or festivals. Please send your inquiries using the form on our ‘INFO’ page.

Grain fed Black Angus

  • AUS 280 gram striploin 230K
  • US USDA 900 gram bone-in ribeye 600K
  • AUS 900 gram porterhouse 600K
  • AUS 280 gram ribeye 230K
  • AUS 200 gram tenderloin 220K

Grass fed

  • AUS 280 gram striploin 180K


  • AUS 280 gram striploin m5-6 score 450K



  • 150 gram hamburgers 50K
  • Sausages per kilo 290K

Please note that dry-aging beef is a specialist and time-consuming process. Our steaks are dry-aged to at least 28 days, and therefore steak orders of more than 5kg will require approximately 21-28 days to complete your order. All of our steaks come with Boy’s signature blend of 7 herbs and spices, and all burgers with Boy’s signature sauce.